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Flutation 2016 narrow

Join us again in January 2017 for 2 days of fun fluting!  

Reconnect with old friends and make new friends.


Dates: Thursday 19th & Friday 20th January 2017

Venue: Narara Valley High School, Narara, NSW


Flutation 2016 narrow

The perfect summer holiday activity for flute players of all ages and abilities!

Run by some of the Central Coast and NSW’s leading flute teachers, this annual 2 day event aims to bring together flute players of all ages and standards on the NSW Central Coast to play as ensembles, work on technique, make new friends and explore new music together!

Morning and afternoon tea provided |

Free Concert for family and friends followed by afternoon tea at end of event |

Trade display on day 2 before final concert and during afternoon tea  |

early drop-off both days & late pickup on day 1 available to assist working parents

(we’d love you to come to the concert on day 2 if possible)


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